SAT Tutor Certification Programs and Training

You must be an expert on the subjects you teach, commonly this expertise is gleaned through formal education and a college degree program. Employers will lean toward qualifications that prove you are an expert on the subjects you intend to teach. It is most common that these qualifications and expertise are acquired through college degree programs and other formal education. Most schools will gravitate towards tutors that possess qualifications that are specific to the subjects they will be teaching. Certain states will require you to possess “state-issued” credentials, plus the added benefit of classroom experience. Tutor training is likely to encompass such modalities as: Listing strategically, a variety of group dynamics, as well as political correctness and cultural awareness. There are also programs that educate potential teachers on building their own business. Every SAT tutor must complete post secondary studies to demonstrate expert knowledge in the subject area where they will be assisting students. Professional field-oriented certification and licensing are always looked upon favorably. Tutoring certificates expand your competencies and are sufficient to work in this field but a formal education is definitely an asset. Some certificates that are preferred for this type of work include: Teachers aide certificate and teachers preparation associate certificate. Some companies also require you to train in their methods if you want to teach for their schools. It is important to remember formal tutoring certifications provide advanced instruction in important techniques and strategies while adding clout.

Here are a steps that will help you along the road to success as an SAT tutor:

  • Recognise the problem/challenge.
  • Learn the test inside and out.
  • Make realistic goals.
  • Organize your material.
  • Build a study plan.
  • Have an all-encompassing teaching style .
  • Find weaknesses and remedy them.

Before you endeavour to tutor others, make sure you have the proper background and knowledge to do so. Make sure you yourself have taken the test and scored well. Pretests are available online and in study guides. This will give you an idea of the appropriate preparation that you must take to be able to tutor the exam. Be familiar with the latest versions of the test as it changes from year to year. Your score should be above 1,500. You need to acquaint yourself with how the SAT is scored, so you may teach test-taking strategies and content areas to focus on. It is important to alert students to the fact that wrong answers are held against them and when it is strategic to skip questions entirely. Make it your priority to study the different types of questions that appear on the SAT. Prepare material that will build confidence and help your students overcome challenges. Some good choices are materials that focus on linguistics and grammar.

Some good tips to generate more business.

  • Make promo material such as cards and hand them out tirelessly. Target areas with applicable businesses and where students and parents congregate. Employ creative marketing strategies and offer an incentive program such as a discount for first time students.
  • Build a social media account specific to your business and promote it across all social media channels. Post relevant content that both engages and challenges potential clients. Remember, sample questions are beneficial to prospective students.
  • Form alliances with high school counselors and ask them for a reference.

How much does a SAT tutor make?

Tutors generally work part-time, they can either be self employed or employed by a tutoring business. Their experience, areas of expertise, any specialty training and where they are located can directly influence their pay rate. A professional SAT Tutor makes an average salary of $39,000 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are many people employed in the tutoring field, with over 1.2 million tutors currently working in the United States.

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ABC Tutoring Services

ABC Tutoring Services Overview Modern students are confronted with high-stakes tests to do well in school, which can put a burden ...
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ACA Tutoring & Testing

ACA Tutoring & Testing Overview Guides are prepared to assist students with acing both the ACT and the upgraded SAT exam ...
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Aim-for-A Tutoring

Aim-for-A Tutoring Overview Aim for "A" Tutoring Centers provide K-12 Math, English, & Science Tutoring & ACT, SAT & Other Test ...
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Big Sky High School

Big Sky High School Overview Offering preparation for the PSAT,  a state sanctioned test that gives practice before the SAT and ...
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Bob Johnson Tutoring

Bob Johnson Tutoring Overview Offering test tutoring for the SAT since 2009. Training Programs at Bob Johnson Tutoring SAT Prep (all ...
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Chris Trudeau SAT/ACT Prep School

Chris Trudeau SAT/ACT Prep School Overview Offering prep programs for students planning to take the SAT and ACT exams. Individualized instruction ...
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College Bound Test Prep

College Bound Test Prep Overview The SAT is a thinking test. The questions can be tricky, yet most students have sufficient ...
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Continuing Education & Community Engagement at The University of Utah

Continuing Education & Community Engagement at The University of Utah Overview This intensive two-week test prep course centers around the SAT ...
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David Zindell Coaching

David Zindell Coaching Overview Offering personalized coaching for the SAT, with the promise of a lower cost and resulting in your ...
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Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University Overview Offering South Florida's "most affordable and effective Test Preparation Courses," available online with remote instructors. The SAT ...
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Frontier Tutoring LLC

Frontier Tutoring LLC Overview Offering prepration for the SAT exam in group classes with individualized instruction.Class size is limited to 12 ...
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Horizon Education

Horizon Education Overview Through Horizon Education Professional Development and training meetings, schools can receive a complete College and Career Readiness course ...
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Huntington Mark, LLC

Huntington Mark, LLC Overview Each of these SAT prep programs — Premier, 32-Hour, and 14-Hour — include individualized in-center instruction ...
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Indiana University Northwest

Indiana University Northwest Overview Colleges and universities throughout the U.S. expect candidates to produce acceptable scores on the SAT or ACT ...
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Ivy Bound Test Prep

Ivy Bound Test Prep Overview Ivy Bound Test Prep pairs tutors with families who want to help their students succeed ...
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Jamie Dickenson, LLC

Jamie Dickenson, LLC Overview Students can improve their SAT score by preparing for the test in only 5 weeks. Students learn ...
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Jarrell Education

Jarrell Education Overview Jarrell Education understands that parents want to be able to track their child’s progress. That’s why their ...
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Johnson Test Prep

Johnson Test Prep Overview Test prep tutors prepare students for the SAT, back to front, with one-on-one mentoring customized to your ...
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Manhattan Review

Manhattan Review Overview Studying for the SAT? Get the help you need to succeed on this exam in Washington DC. Offering ...
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Maya Prep

Maya Prep Overview This test prep program provides 120+ hours of motivational, test driven training and homework including more than 20 ...
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Method Test Prep

Method Test Prep Overview This test prep course covers 18 hours of live instruction in all strategies for the critical reading, ...
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Middleton High School

Middleton High School Overview The PSAT is offered by the MCPASD to sophomore and junior students on the national PSAT testing ...
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Montgomery College

Montgomery College Overview These SAT prep courses have been helping Montgomery County, Maryland students raise their scores for 30+ years. Review ...
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More Than a Teacher, LP

More Than a Teacher, LP Overview Offering a variety of SAT prep courses consistring of eight 2-hour classroom meetings, covering each ...
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New York Cares

New York Cares Overview Offers SAT prep courses for New York City secondary school students, hlping htem improve their test scores ...
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North Coast Education Services

North Coast Education Services Overview This new TEST-PREP approach helps students perform their best on the SAT and ACT. Material is ...
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North Idaho College Workforce Training Center

North Idaho College Workforce Training Center Overview Training to help students excel on the SAT or ACT. SAT/ACT Preparation helps students  ...
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On To College

On To College Overview Develop the confidence and knowledge to boost your scores with online SAT prep. On To College SAT ...
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Prep Expert

Prep Expert Overview The SAT exam is intended to survey a student's academic abilities for college. It not only verifies what ...
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Prep for Success Tutors

Prep for Success Tutors Overview Online tutoring saves you the commute, allowing you to learn in the comfort of your own ...
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PrepScholar Overview This SAT prep program promsies to imprive a student's score by 160 points or your money back. Training Programs ...
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Rhode Island Tutorial & Educational Services

Rhode Island Tutorial & Educational Services Overview Offering 1-on-1 SAT coaching, so students get the individual consideration of the SAT mentor ...
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SAT Bootcamp

SAT Bootcamp Overview SAT Bootcamp is an escalated 4-hour workshop that separates content (what's on the test) and methodology (how to ...
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Seacoast Test Prep

Seacoast Test Prep Overview Small class sizes permit students to work closely with educators. These SAT prep classes come with an ...
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Sylvan Learning, LLC.

Sylvan Learning, LLC. Overview If your teen’s SAT scores aren’t where they should be, your teen doesn’t perform well on tests ...
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The Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University  Overview Being prepared is the way to succeed on the SAT and Penn State is focused ...
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The Princeton Review Education IP Holdings, LLC.

The Princeton Review Education IP Holdings, LLC.  Overview Choose which SAT prep option fits your needs. Find the right way ...
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The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI

The Tutoring Center, Honolulu HI Overview The Tutoring Center's SAT/ACT Program is a multi-week course with custom one-to-one Instruction.  Training Programs ...
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The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS

The Tutoring Center, Wichita KS Overview Test preparation for the school applications can be overwhelming. With very nearly 3 million students ...
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The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona Overview Get a serious edge on the SAT by learning key strategies for taking the test. Instructors ...
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The University of Georgia Center

The University of Georgia Center Overview The University of Georgia / Educational Testing Consultants test preparation program promises to give students ...
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The University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi Overview The University of Mississippi offers GRE®, ACT®, SAT®, LSAT®, GMAT®, and PSAT® online preparation courses through ...
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The University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico Overview If you plan to enroll in an undergraduate studies program or attend graduate school, law ...
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The University of South Alabama

The University of South Alabama Overview The Live-Online SAT Prep Course is a serious test prep program that gives students the ...
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University of California

University of California Overview The University of California, San Diego offers an exclusive SAT® Prep Course designed for busy students.  Learn ...
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University of Central Arkansas

University of Central Arkansas Overview Prep courses to prepare students for the SAT and ACT. Both the ACT and the SAT ...
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University of Delaware

University of Delaware Overview Intensive courses from the University of Delaware cover skills needed for success on the SAT and ACT ...
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University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota Overview Both the ACT and the SAT contain verbal and math questions. SAT/ACT Preparation Part I ...
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University of Oklahoma College – Extended Campus

University of Oklahoma College - Extended Campus Overview This 8-hour instructional course is designed to introduce students to the most common ...
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University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina Overview Learn the skills and techniques to elevate your SAT score. Compare the quality, cost and convenience ...
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University of Washington Upward Bound

University of Washington Upward Bound Overview Offering assignments, tasks, training and test-taking strategies to help improve SAT scores.  Training Programs at ...
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Wake Technical Community College

Wake Technical Community College Overview Register now for the SAT exam prep course, featuring in-person and small-group instruction from experienced faculty ...
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Westfield State University

Westfield State University Overview These concentrated, 16-hour Live-Online SAT and ACT Blitz Prep Courses are taught by specialist educators and furnish ...
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Youth Programs at Illinois Central College

Youth Programs at Illinois Central College Overview Illinois Central College offers a SAT PREP course that will assist students with preparing ...
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