Career Overview as a Manicurist / Nail Technician

A nail technician is a beauty professional who specializes in the transformation of clients through the beautification of their hands and feet. Duties of a nail technician typically include basic manicures and pedicures, hand and feet massages, hot-oil therapy, artificial nail application and removal, gel nails and nail infills and repairs. A nail technician will also be well trained in basic hygienic processes for both themselves and clients.

Requirements for a Nail Technician

Research is the most important step to undertake when you are beginning a new career. It’s important to know the legal requirements for becoming a nail technician. This includes researching important aspects such as licensing and certification to ensure you are covered and providing the best service to your clients. It is always best to ensure that you have an adequate support system in place to help you understand the requirements of the profession moving forward such as online communities and networked resources which are increasingly available 24 hours a day world-wide.

Growing Your Career as a Nail Technician

Generally speaking, it is a requirement for all nail technicians to receive industry-specific training before they can begin their career, either as a process within a larger course, or as a standalone course. Even when this is not required by individual state requirements, as a rapidly growing industry, it may be beneficial to expand your qualifications past those minimal requirements anyway. This will not only boost your knowledge and skills as an artist, but also help you to attain work as you stand above the rest of your peers in your qualifications and help your job readiness. Networking communities and associations are another great method in which to grow as an artist. Industry-specific communities such as these offer insight into trade secrets, as well as provide opportunities to grow one’s business opportunities. These types of groups exist to allow industry-specific professionals to build one another up in a competitive world, creating a sense of community that come together to support one another and share in celebrating each other’s successes as industry professionals in the field of beauty.

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