Aim-for-A Tutoring Overview

Aim for “A” Tutoring Centers provide K-12 Math, English, & Science Tutoring & ACT, SAT & Other Test Preparation services.

Visit their website for tutoring centers in Michigan. The part-time tutors at this company use Skype to teach students from around the globe. Applicants must have teaching experience and a college degree in​ the subject taught is required.

Training Programs at Aim-for-A Tutoring

  • SAT Preparation Course:
  • Introduction to SAT & College Admissions/Applications
  • Full Length Practice Test
  • Critical Reading – Sentence Completions
  • Math – Numbers and Operations
  • Critical Reading – Reading Comprehension
  • Math – Algebra
  • Critical Reading – Critical Reading
  • Math – Geometry
  • Writing – Essay Writing Strategies
  • Math – Probability and Statistics
  • Writing – Improving Sentences/Paragraphs
  • Math – Data Analysis
  • Writing – Identifying Grammatical Errors
  • Math – Grid Ins
  • Full Length Practice Test
  • Feedback on Practice Tests and Recommendations for Further Preparation
  • Price Range: Starting at $399 

Resources for Aim-for-A Tutoring


Farmington, MI