Overview of Growing a Career as a Sugaring Technician

Sugaring is a process of hair removal that is similar to traditional waxing. The difference between the two types of hair removal are the ingredients – and the pain levels! Sugaring is a paste that is applied to almost any area on the body where hair removal is desired. This specific type of paste is made from all natural ingredients – lemon, sugar and water – so it is much better for those with sensitive skin. While it is a new sensation, sugaring actually has a long history in the field of beauty, originating in ancient Egypt. Unlike waxing, sugaring simply adheres to the hairs and does not disturb the skin, making it a much less painful experience.

Requirements for a Sugaring Technician

Research is an important step to undertake when you beginn any new career. Ypou’ll need to know the legal requirements for becoming a sugaring technician – remember, this industry deals with physical changes to a person’s body, so this should not be taken lightly. This includes conducting thorough research into licensing and certification to ensure you are covered and providing the best service to your clients.

Growing Your Career as a Sugaring Technician

Sugaring technicians need specific training before they can begin their career, either as a process within a larger course, or as a standalone course. Even when this is not required by individual state requirements, as a rapidly growing industry, it may be beneficial to expand your qualifications past those minimum requirements. This will not only boost your knowledge and skills as an artist, but also help you to attain work as you stand above the rest of your peers in your qualifications. Networking communities and associations are another great method to grow as an artist. Online communities offer insight into trade secrets, as well as provide opportunities to grow your business. .

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