Explore Hairdresser Schools and Other Training Programs

To become a hairdresser specific training is required. Vocational high schools in some areas have a licensed cosmetology program that is available to students committed to a future in hairdressing, allowing them to complete their hairdressing education while still attending high school. Hairdressing students can also attend a trade school that specializes in esthetician training. Finally, students may join a community college and attain an associate degree in cosmetology.

The training required to become a hairdresser is sometimes offered within larger training packages such as esthetician courses, as well as standalone opportunities. Regardless of the pathway you chose, hairdressing students are taught not only the specifics of hairdressing and all of its subcategories but a range of hygiene practices to keep you and your clients safe.

For those looking for inspiration and training on the skills in hairdressing, such as styling outside of a recognized course, there are countless videos and tutorials online that demonstrate effective hairdressing tips and techniques.

Check out these programs to inspire you:

Pivot Point Academy Beauty School

Pivot Point Academy Beauty School Overview Pivot Point Academy takes pride in being one of the best cosmetology schools in the ...
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The Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute Overview As a small institution, this school enrolls up to 213 undergraduate students every year. The school offers ...
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MHD Productions Ltd

MHD Productions Ltd Overview MHDPro’s foundation hairdressing courses are designed for those starting out in hairdressing or for those returning ...
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Sassoon Academy

Sassoon Academy Overview This four week Salon Intensive course is designed for hair professionals who want to focus on the skills ...
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Toni & Guy Academy

Toni & Guy Academy Overview All students receive a professional quality cosmetology kit when enrolling in TON I& GUY Hairdressing Academy, ...
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American Spa

An Overview of American Spa For more than two decades, American Spa has been a top choice for spa professionals ...
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