Pivot Point Academy Beauty School Overview

Pivot Point Academy takes pride in being one of the best cosmetology schools in the Chicago suburbs, providing a 1,500-clock hour cosmetology program that is designed to help you earn your Cosmetology diploma and prepare you for the licensure exam in the state of Illinois. Cosmetology classes tackle all aspects of beauty from hairdressing, nail care, to esthetics, makeup and skin care, and salon business skills. You will learn how to apply beauty basics and form a strong sense of creativity to design flawless and timeless styles.

Training Programs at Pivot Point Academy Beauty School

  • Get Ready to Earn a Cosmetology Diploma at Pivot Point Academy
  • Cosmetologists Education Program
  • Phase 1 – Master the Foundation of Cosmetology
  • Phase 2 – Take a Hands-On Approach
  • Phase 3 – Advance Your Skills in Cosmetology
  • Phase 4 – Work & Prepare
  • Hair Texturizing Techniques Taught in Cosmetology Classes
  • Point Cutting
  • Thinning/Texturizing
  • Slithering/Slide Cutting
  • Weaving
  • Chipping/ Razor EtchingSmooth-Cutting/ Razor Sculpting
  • Hair Coloring and Highlighting Techniques

Price Range: Visit website linked below for current pricing.

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Bloomingdale, IL