MHD Productions Ltd Overview

MHDPro’s foundation hairdressing courses are designed for those starting out in hairdressing or for those returning to the industry after a prolonged break and need a refresher course in modern salon practices. Courses cover a range of skills essential for hairdressing trainees and on completion, you’ll be able to download, print and share a CPD Certificate of Recognition.

Training Programs at MHD Productions Ltd

  • The Back Bar Basics
  • Long And Luscious
  • Mid-Length & Layered Blow Drying
  • All The Tricks
  • Curls, Curls, Curls
  • Build Your Skills: Classic Hair Up
  • Build Your Skills: Lines & Layers
  • Build Your Skills: Layering & Graduation
  • Men’s Cuts: Short Back & Sides
  • Mani, Pedi & Nail Art
  • Classic Facial Treatment Collection
  • Price Range: Starting at $45 

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Myrtle Beach, SC