Sassoon Academy Overview

This four week Salon Intensive course is designed for hair professionals who want to focus on the skills needed to excel in today’s competitive salon environment. The course not only guides you through the world-renowned ABC Cutting and Coloring Hair the Sassoon Way techniques, but also in creative cutting and coloring sessions where you will incorporate the use of disconnection, freehand and modern color placement. The course wraps with an inspiring presentation from a member of the Sassoon Creative Team, including finished look presentation models that gives you an opportunity to exchange your ideas with a leader in the field.

Training Programs at Sassoon Academy

  • Demonstrations
  • Practical cutting sessions on live models
  • Lines, graduation and layering techniques
  • Classic Sassoon blow-dry techniques on mannequin heads
  • abc principles of cutting hair lecture
  • Use of product practice
  • Use of tools practice
  • Consultation and communication process lecture

Price Range: Starting at $1,055 

Resources for Sassoon Academy


Santa Monica, CA