Certification for a Wax Technician

To become a wax technician you’ll need specific training. There are two main paths into the waxing industry. Both of these options are through a beauty school or recognized learning institution that has fully licensed instructors, but through different learning options. With your first option, you may complete a wax technician course within a larger training package such as beautician courses. This option will also give you several other career opportunities. However, if you are interested solely in becoming a wax technician, there are standalone courses leading to wax certification. Regardless of your training option, you will learn how to wax clients across their bodies, as well as training in a range of hygiene practices to keep you and your clients safe.

Find Certification and Beauty Programs:

Shear Ego International School

Shear Ego International School Overview Offering a waxing-only program that can be completed in just over a month's time. When you ...
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National Institute of Medical Aesthetics

National Institute of Medical Aesthetics Overview The Advanced Waxing course at NIMA theaches the procedures to keep a customer comfortable while ...
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Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute

Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute Overview Long Island Nail Skin and Hair Institute offers training that moves students to ...
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Bora Lea Skin Therapy

Bora Lea Skin Therapy Overview Bora Lea offers private, one-on-one training for Brazilian Waxing to licensed estheticians, cosmologists, beauty school students ...
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The Wax Connection

The Wax Connection Overview The Wax Connection offers an extensive hair removal wax class. Learn advanced strategies to improve your abilities ...
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The Wax Chick

The Wax Chick Overview Virtually 99% of all beauty school students never learn brow structure or Brazilian waxing. Schools train you ...
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Christine Valmy

Christine Valmy Overview Each course conveys a top notch learning experience that delivers industry-leading mastery to students pursuing work as a ...
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Brittany Beauty Academy

Brittany Beauty Academy Overview In this short waxing technician program you can increase your skills in the beauty field. Drawing on ...
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Depil Brazil Waxing Studio

Depil Brazil Waxing Studio Overview As the beauty industry develops, the popularity of waxing remains unwavering. Depil Brazil Waxing School by ...
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New York Institute of Beauty

New York Institute of Beauty Overview New York Institute of Beauty offers accredited courses in Esthetics (Skin Care and Makeup), Nail ...
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