The Wax Chick Overview

99% of all beauty school students never learn brow structure or Brazilian waxing in school! THAT’S A FACT! The schools work is to train you all that you have to know to take and breeze through your state licensing exams. Furthermore, that is an entirely significant activity. Without that you wouldn’t have the option to wax in any case. Let the Wax Chick assist you with creating and sharpen your waxing strategy and waxing business abilities to get the most cash-flow conceivable doing what you love!

Training Programs at The Wax Chick

  • Face Wax With Pina Colada Hard Wax
  • Male Ear & Nose Waxing
  • Female Brazilian Using Strip And Hard Wax
  • Mommy To Be Brazilian Wax
  • Male Brazililan
  • Brazilian Waxing Made Easy
  • Waxing Theory & Sanitation
  • Modern Female Brazilian Certification
  • Private Training
  • One On One Coaching Call

Price Range: $29.99 – $1,000 USD

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Barstow, CA