Are you a beautician or esthetician solo-preneur who specializes in lashes? Alternatively, do you own your own salon and employ other beauticians or estheticians? No matter which one describes you, you’ve probably seen and heard more about lashes and lash extensions lately than ever before.


First, we’ll dive into why becoming licensed to perform your lash treatments and lash extension services above-board is essential for your success as an independent business owner.

In fact, we’ll take a review 3 reasons why that is the case:

1. Becoming a professional

2. Avoiding legal action (don’t get sued!)

3. Financial benefits


First off, getting licensed makes your business appear that much more professional and on-point.

It’s a way to differentiate yourself in a $1.7B market chock-full of eyelash technicians, estheticians, and beauticians all vying for your client’s attention.

In fact, ABC News characterized it as a ‘booming market’ in their article on the topic, which also features clips from Kim Kardashian’s tutorials that have helped to drive demand.

One way to stand out is to feature your license on your Facebook or Instagram page.

You can literally just snap a picture of yourself holding your license and post it.

This helps potential clients (that are inevitably researching you before committing to scheduling a service with you) to trust you.

You could argue this is essential if you’ll be applying a bonding solution to their eyelids or otherwise servicing them with chemicals and/or sharp objects in the vicinity of their face and eyes.

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