Explore Schools and Certifications for Barbers

To become a barber specific training is required. Aspiring students must undertake state-licensed training as mandated by their state of residence. There are several options when choosing the path to accomplish these goals. Vocational high schools in some areas have a licensed cosmetology program that is available to students committed to a future in barbering, allowing students to complete their barbering education whilst still attending high school. Barbering students can also attend a trade school that specializes in barbering or cosmetology training. Finally, students may join a community college and attain an associate degree in cosmetology or barbering.

The training required to become a barber is sometimes offered within larger training packages such as cosmetology courses, as well as being offered as standalone opportunities. Some states require that aspiring barbers complete some of the mandated courses within a cosmetology course as well as barbering, so research your own state guidelines. Regardless of the pathway you chose, barbering students are taught not only the specifics of hairdressing and all of its subcategories but will also train you in a range of hygiene practices to keep you and your clients safe.

For those looking for inspiration and training on the non-permanent skills in barbering, such as styling or new techniques outside of a recognized course, there are countless videos and tutorials online that demonstrate effective barbering tips and techniques.

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