What’s a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner handles logistics with clients, negotiates with various contractors, and ensures a wedding runs smoothly. The job involves making the correct choices from DJs to the selection of a good photographer, while diplomatically guiding and advising the key players on the day of the event.

Types of Wedding Planners

Full wedding planner

Full planners are responsible for the smooth running of a wedding. They plan the whole event from the beginning to the end. They take the stress out of a wedding ceremony so their clients can focus on what matters. Some of their jobs include:

  • Help their clients stick to a proposed budget.
  • Hire vendors.
  • Manage the planning timeline.
  • Facilitate venue tours.
  • They help clients with the guest list, invitations, and RSVPs.
  • Partial wedding planner:

They are charged with a certain aspect of the wedding. For instance, a partial wedding planner may be responsible for the provision of the florist. There are two ways partial planners help with the planning of a wedding. They include:
They give vendor recommendations. Wedding planners are known to cultivate a cordial relationship with the vendors. They are in the best position to make a recommendation of pros to work with. They give professional advice where they are needed the most.

On the day wedding planner:

The services of these planners are sought out only on the day of the wedding.

How to Become a Wedding Planner

Formal training: To learn all intricacies involved in wedding planning, an aspiring wedding planner can complete a diploma program. During this program, you’ll learn about budget management, marketing strategies, contract negotiations, vendor relations, and bridal registries. You will also be taught the different kinds of wedding ceremonies, stationery, and the etiquette of the wedding ceremony.

Gaining Experience: After you’ve completed your diploma program, you can acquire knowledge by increasing your experience. Experience can be gained by volunteering in the planning of your friend’s wedding ceremony.
It can also be gained by reading wedding planning related books. You can also gain experience from local wedding planners around you.

Choosing a niche:

Exploring a niche will increase your expertise in a specific area. It will also make you stand out professionally.

Resources for wedding planners: