Basic Online Training for Videographer

To begin your videography career, there are countless online tutorials that you can access for free, or at a minimal cost. These range from YouTube clips, to free basic photography courses. If this is your chosen path, remember that practice makes perfect. For those just starting out, it is always best to practice your skills, so why not ask your friends, local teams if you can shoot them? This way, you get a lot of practice at videoing different people in different places – plus it will be a lot of fun! It can also be beneficial to video outdoors, so get out into different locations and make magic! Not only will this give you plenty of real-life experience, it will also help you build up your portfolio and help you discover your style as an artist.

Professional Videographer Training

If you are more interested in applying to gain professional videography qualifications, this may depend on your local area of residence. Depending on your circumstances, you could take this opportunity to enroll in a university course, a college course or even workshops offered by industry professionals. Courses such as these will give you hands-on experience, with feedback from a professional to ensure you are on the right track, with all of the industry secrets demonstrated to you. When you are starting out as a videographer, reach out to fellow videographers and photographers and see if you can join them on their shoots, learn the ropes and even offer your services as a second shooter. Start out on small shoots and work your way up to weddings or movies, depending on your end goal.

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