VAE Life Coaching Overview

VAE Life Coaching offers special 8-12 Week Programs for Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Grief, and Teen Behavioral issues. Each program is structured explicitly for you or your young person. Our projects utilize mental activities and center training to help you free yourself of stress, yet in addition make an attitude of greatness. Every meeting in the 8-multi week program has an immediate reason and we disclose this to you so you comprehend the significance and worth.

The standards in these projects are coached by Mark Carpenter who has been teaching these ideas and coaching these activities throughout the previous 6 years. We take incredible consideration in ensuring you comprehend the ideas and clarify how they advantage you. Here is a general rundown of territories where this Coaching/Counseling technique has extraordinary outcomes.

Training Programs at VAE Life Coaching

  • Life Coaching/Counseling Coaching Program

Price Range: Check website for updated details.

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