Utah Microblading Overview

Here at Wyoming Microblading we specialize in making all permanent makeup indistinguishable from real hair. Our goal is to make you look as naturally and effortlessly beautiful as possible. Hair-stoke Tattoo or Microblading is the perfect “natural” answer to the existing methods of permanent makeup. With Microblading and/or Digital Blading we can create completely naturally looking eyebrows, since every hair is drawn individually with a very thin blade or rotary needles specifically created for this purpose, taking into consideration the growth pattern of your eyebrow hair and the proportions of your face.

Training Programs at Utah Microblading

•microblading Basics Course
•microblading Master Class
•manual Microshading (ombre)
•blade & Machine Shade Master Class

Price Range: Starting at $800

Resources for Utah Microblading


South Jordan UT