Universal Barber College Overview

This program is for people who don’t have a Cosmetology License and are looking for a Barber License. The educational program is intended to improve an understudy’s learning with hands on involvement in haircutting and shaving aptitudes. So as to fill in as a Barber Stylist in the State of Arizona, an individual must have a Barber License. The course is educated with a mix of talk, showing, understudy practice and experience on general society under the supervision of a Barber Instructor. Endless supply of the course, the alumni will have the necessary information and aptitudes to pass the Arizona Board of Barbers Examination just as capacity to get appropriate work in the field of Barbering.

Training Programs at Universal Barber College

  • Barber Stylist- Level 1 Clock Hours: 1500
  • Barber Instructor: Clock Hours: 450
  • Barber Stylist- Level 2 Clock Hours: 750

Price Range: Starting at $3000 USD

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Phoenix, AZ