An Overview of United Handyman Association (UHA)

UHA an Association for the Handyman and the home fix purchaser. We are a free association that sets quality and guidelines for the handyman. We offer a certification program for the handyman alongside a limited Insurance Program with every other period of business backing to help with the beginning up or the prepared proficient. Become a part to become UHA Verified at that point begin getting free leads for the life of your business. Turning into an association part may be all that is required however If you’re genuine aspiring the following stage is our broadly perceived certification program where you initially guarantee your business and afterward you can confirm your skills to demonstrate that you are really a specialist in your field. The confirmed participation accompanies all the business bolster you can envision including a $5,000 assurance to your clients that we remain behind you similar to a quality business they can trust.

How to Join United Handyman Association (UHA)

Become a Member today by signingup our application for with choosen membership below:

•Handyman Association Membership ($50.00 per year)
•Becoming a certified Handyman business ($15O per year)
•Certified Handyman Individual ($99 per year)

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