Uni Lash Overview

There are additionally a few spots you can decide for your confirmation and preparing and Unilash is one of them. Something that make us stand apart from the rest is our commitment to our customers. We offer an eyelash affirmation and instructional class planning to assist you with going into business. We additionally comprehend that to address the issues of different individuals, we need to arrange our classes further. We, in this manner, have one day and two-day instructional classes that make it simpler for you to proceed with your every day standard and still find out about the eyelash extension application. Our preparation exercises are likewise for gatherings so you can take them with your companions. Regardless of whether you have some information about eyelash extension or you’re a beginner client, we can furnish you with the best understanding to enable you to flourish. We likewise offer extra help after the instructional classes and utilize our unit during the preparation.

Training Programs at Uni Lash

  • 1-day basic eyelash extension training
  • Safety and Regulation
  • Eyelash Growth Cycle
  • Eyelash Effect (cat Eye, Doll, Kim K. Effect and Other)
  • Eye Correction
  • Setting the Work Area
  • Customer Consulting
  • Eyelash Extension Application
  • Customer Aftercare
  • Touch Up’s
  • Eyelash Removal
  • 2-day basic eyelash extension training

Price Range: $900 – $1400

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