Ultimate Technical Academy Overview

Numerous Electricians battle with regards to electrical hardware, controls, graphs and investigating. Alongside the battle comes an absence of certainty that “”frequents”” the professional and shields them from arriving at their latent capacity.

This one-week course contains a mix of study hall training that shows the hypothesis on “”how it works”” and in particular the “”hands on training”” in the lab educates the “”how to”” strategies that takes care of business.

Training Programs at Ultimate Technical Academy

  • Electrical theory, safety, transformers, inductive & resistive loads.electrical lab 2
  • Electrical Troubleshooting and reading diagrams.
  • Low voltage relays and controls.
  • Motor theory, application and starting controls.
  • Time saving diagnostic methods that helps get right to the problem.
  • Code requirements for residential wiring.
  • Panel replacements.
  • Understanding and building a residential home wiring system.
  • Main Panel wiring and construction.
  • Branch circuit design and wire sizing.
  • Grounding and neutral.
  • Circuit most used in residential wiring.

Price Range: Check website for updated details.

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North Little Rock, AR