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Estheticians are in every case charmingly shocked to find that they utilize less assets with sugaring and that it is biodegradable (separates with water). Here are a couple of things that cause us to feel warm and fluffy: Sugaring doesn’t utilize strips and just once in a while utilizes sticks! Sugar glue is biodegradable and separates with water. Sugarers can utilize a similar wad of sugar glue can be utilized on various areas for a similar customer (not so much waste but rather more $$ in your wallet!) In case you’re a bustling Esthetician or essentially extremely anxious to learn at once and date that is progressively advantageous to your calendar, at that point our One to One VIP trainings will be PERFECT for you!

Training Programs at The Portland Girl

  • Private 1 Day BASIC + ADVANCED Training

Price Range: Starting At $1,050.00 USD

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