An Overview of The Bay Area Tutoring Association

The Bay Area Tutoring Association is consistently keeping watch for equipped, dependable and energetic tutors to join our group.

At the point when you become an individual from the Bay Area Tutoring Association, you make the way for expanded believability, substantial new chances, occasion organizing and an assortment of approaches to add to your neighborhood network. We offer the training you have to land the positions you need. We approve your skill set and ability through competency testing and we likewise offer three degrees of discretionary tutoring affirmation levels, in light of your experience.

How to Join The Bay Area Tutoring Association

Whether you are a tutor, student, parent, teacher or an organization – we have a BATA membership program to meet your needs. We invite you to enjoy the many benefits of our network! please check our website for updated details.

Resources for The Bay Area Tutoring Association

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