An Overview of The Association of Coaching Supervisors

Provides services such as professional development to coaching supervisors. They believe there is a need to focus on supervision to support the demand for and current growth in coaching. 

How to Join The Association of Coaching Supervisors

• To start the membership process, visit the website linked below and create an account.

• Once you’re logged in, you’ll have access to the application forms for each type of membership; complete the appropriate   form and submit it;

• Once submitted, it is reviewed by the membership team, and an initial payment request will be sent out on acceptance of the application;

• Following receipt of your first payment, you will receive a welcome email informing you that your membership has been successfully processed and that your member profile is live. You will also be invited to visit and supplement your profile with further information;

• You will then have a fully operational member account, able to access all the benefits of membership and become a welcome  part of the AOCS community.

Resources for The Association of Coaching Supervisors