Overview of ADFEE

ADFEE was created to protect and grow the Eyelash Extension industry. Creating standards and increasing professionalism is the way to flourish in any field.

Through networking with the most talented and successful lash artists around the world, they bring “lashing” to a new level, face-to-face with you, through private one-on-one exam preparation and Damage-Free® Certification.

What is a Damage-Free Certification?

A certification in which Eyelash Technicians must complete a pass/fail practical one-on-one exam with an ADFEE Certified® proctor. The technician must complete a full set of eyelash extensions. Upon completion, the proctor will inspect each and every eyelash and eyelash extension to make sure the application meets every one of the ADFEE standards. If all standards are met, the ET will receive:

Damage Free® Certification
A downloadable seal for use on a business website
A listing as a Certified Damage-Free® Eyelash Technician on the ADFEE website

What is the value of a Damage-Free Certification?
As a Lash Technician, becoming Damage-Free® Certified is the best career move you can make, you are the best of the best! Imagine your website home page featuring a seal that will instantly tell your prospective clients that you are guaranteed NOT to damage their lashes! It is a symbol of trust, a necessary element in building a clientele. You receive:

  • Recognition by a third party that you deliver the best quality of eyelash extensions available
  • Professional reputation
  • Increased credibility
  • Commitment to the highest standards in the industry

Exam Proctors can be found here: http://damage-free.com/find-an-exam-proctor

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