Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology Overview

The Industrial Electricity is a NCCER program that uses classroom lectures, individualized modules, and hands-on training to prepare students for work as an electrical apprentice or support specialist.

Alumni will have a solid foundation in the fundamental standards of electricity, including engine generator standards; meters; testing gear and instruments; reviewing plans; wiring; the National Electric Code; and modern wiring.

Training Programs at Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology

  • First Trimester:
  • INE 0001 Worker Characteristic
  • INE 1010 Orientation and Safety
  • INE 1020 Basic Principles and Meters
  • INE 1030 Basic Electronics
  • INE 1040 National Electrical Code I
  • INE 1050 Wiring
  • INE 4050 Drawings and Documentation
  • Second Trimester:
  • INE 0002 Worker Characteristic
  • INE 2010 National Electrical Code II
  • INE 2020 Motors and Transformers
  • INE 2030 Motor Control and Timers I
  • Third Trimester:
  • INE 0003 Worker Characteristic
  • INE 3010 Motor Control and Timers II
  • INE 3020 Installation Guidelines I
  • INE 4030 NEC Commercial-Industrial
  • INE 4040 Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Price Range: Starting at $3,961

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