An Overview of Tattoo Artists Guild

The Tattoo Artists’ Guild is a worldwide relationship of devoted and dependable individuals attempting to hoist and advance the craft of inking. Each State in the U.S.A and most sovereign states have various principles and rules built up by a supervising body, for example, the Department of Health, to manage the inking business; be that as it may, all individuals from the Tattoo Artist’s Guild consent to help and follow these ten most essential arrangement of gauges of training to keep up a significant level of respectability in the inking business and to help guarantee a sheltered workplace for the overall population and for the tattooist.

How to Join Tattoo Artists Guild

You can join Tattoo Artists Guild (T.A.G.) by visiting our page and you will need to set up a free account before proceeding through the membership join/renew process.

Resources for Tattoo Artists Guild

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