Tamara Saffioti Overview

There is a 6 stylist most extreme, however their models can likewise be beautician to amplify your salons learning potential. If you don’t mind note that littler gatherings will in general get increasingly singular consideration.

I will exhibit on a manikin head while beauticians execute on live models, or puppet heads you give. I give you the opportunity to investigate your inventiveness while giving hands on individual guidance.We will be all things considered chipping away at 1 down style with the sides cleared up/stuck back/half up, and a high/center/low bun. These are the 2 most basic essential shapes.

This remembers working for the essential yet perplexing aptitudes of making even shapes, different twist systems, prodding, brushing out, hanging, and sticking hair in different approaches to enable the customer to accomplish their vision with certainty and a more prominent comprehension of how to effectively arrive. We will likewise discuss how to make contacts, contracts, set evaluating and what’s required in your pack.

Training Programs at Tamara Saffioti

  • Day 1 – This a big day; We cover prepping the hair, creating a perfect balanced head shape, and draping and pinning the hair.
  • This is most effective while targeting a long, down wavy style with the sides swept back. It covers the most amount of necessary information and “tricks of the trade”
  • Day 2 – We get more into various ways to design hair in up dos focusing on low/mid/side buns and top knots or glam pony’s.
  • Day 3 – We can cover more of anything you need, learning to blow out mother of the brides and styling shorter hair and working with extensions.

Price Range: Starting at $150 USD

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New York NY