Sugar Streak Overview

From brows to brazilians, sugaring is alright for all body parts, all sexes and all skin types. We regularly get asked how sugaring varies from wax. First off, what about temperature, application, the course hair is expelled in, the measure of time for the administration, how much hair is evacuated in an assistance, lastly, the final product. Sugar is applied against the hair development and expelled in the common bearing it develops in, taking into consideration an increasingly complete extraction with less possibility of breaking the hair. Applied at internal heat level, sugaring can never consume the skin. We likewise demand 5-7 days of hair development rather than the 10-14 required for wax. The most normal type of hair expulsion available today, body sugaring expels the hair by the root, allowing us the chance to refine and reduce hair follicles.

Training Programs at Sugar Streak

  • Hands On Training

Price Range: Starting At $297.00 USD

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