Who is a Seamstress, Tailor or Stitcher?

A seamstress makes a living by sewing different kind of clothes. They are expected to have sewing skills and a vivid imagination.

The requirements for a Stitcher

Sewing Skills

A seamstress or stitcher doesn’t need to have a college degree. The primary requirement of a seamstress or stitcher is sewing skill. This can be self-taught or learned.

It can be self-taught by taking advantage of free resources on the Internet, including video tutorials, downloadable patterns, and online courses. Taking classes in a community college is another option.

Fashion and Design Knowledge

A seamstress or stitcher should have insight into fashion and design principles. Knowing how to choose fabrics, accessories and designs comes with the job.

A Little Math Skill Doesn’t Hurt

A seamstress or stitcher must have basic math knowledge. They should be able to take a measurement, make basic addition and subtraction calculations. After measuring out clients, you’ll be calculating how much fabric to buy, and figuring out costs for producing dresses, outfits, or suits.

Creative Mindset

A seamstress or stitcher must be able to have a mental picture of what a dress will look like before it is finished. A seamstress or stitcher must also be able to advise clients about fabric and patterns.

Interpersonal Skills

The job involves dealing with clients one-on-one. Many jobs will come from referrals by previous clients who vouch for you. A seamstress or stitcher must be approachable, have both verbal and written communication skills.

Building a profession as a Seamstress

It’s recommended that a seamstress to focus on a specific niche. This could be creating a costume dress for a pageant, bridal gown or ball gown. It’s important for a seamstress to have a strong client base. 

Resources needed for a seamstress, stitcher or tailor

A sewing machine

The sewing machine is the most important tool for a seamstress.

Pins and Pincushion

It is rare to make a piece without the use of a straight pin. Pins are used to hold pieces together. The pincushion is used to keep pins organized and at hand when they are needed.

Iron and ironing board:

After you’ve finished a line of cloth, it is required to set the heat to the fabric you are using. Ironing gives your work a professional touch.

The Average Salary of a Seamstress

As of 2020, the average annual salary for a seamstress is $34,191 (Source: U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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