Robert Fiance Beauty Schools Overview

The objective of the Barbering course is to train students in Theory and Practical experiences, which will prepare them for the Florida State Board of Barbers Examination to become a licensed Barber and enter the field of beauty. The course is geared towards developing good work habits and attitudes with respect to safety and sanitation, business ethnics, and encourages self reliance, and a willingness to help others look their best. Academic & Practical Learning methods include discussion, questioning and answering, demonstration, cooperative learning, problem solving, interactive lecture, individualized instruction, student & classroom presentations, labs & student salon activities. The school offers a 1200-hour training program that meets Florida state standards including 550 hours of theory and 650 hours of supervised practical training.

Training Programs at Robert Fiance Beauty Schools

  • BR101 Florida Laws and Rules for Barbering, HIV/AIDS Education
  • BR102 Safety, Sanitation and Sterilization AIDS
  • BR103 Hair Structure and Chemistry
  • BR104 Hair Cutting
  • BR105 Shampooing
  • BR106 Chemical Services
  • BR107 Shaving, Beard and Mustache Trimming

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