Pureeyebrows Overview

Our experienced and trained PhiBrows microblading artist and permanent makeup artist has an eye for detail and the precision to provide you realistic and lush brows through microblading. Rather than traditional tattooing which can be severe, especially when drawn by machines, our microblading produces a much more natural result. Each stroke is hand-drawn and feathered, creating distinct softness and dimension, not just blunt darkness.

You know that a naturally beautiful brow is not a box. It is not just one color and thickness throughout. Instead, it is lighter toward the inner corner of the eye grows thicker toward the middle and arch. Ombre brows can create shaped brows with a gradient effect that mimics this tapered density. You won’t need to worry about drawing your eyebrows in to feel presentable when leaving the house. It’s a simple procedure with lasting results that only needs the occasional touchup.

Training Programs at Pureeyebrows

• Microblading

Price Range: $50 – $350

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