Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy Overview

The procedure of microblading is slanting and two-and three-day preparation programs concentrating on microblading-just are springing up all over the place. Be that as it may, these classes won’t give you the central information and preparation you to have to unquestionably serve customers – considerably less for an effective profession. For instance, they don’t start to concentrate on shading hypothesis or modifying the forehead shape to suit an individual customer. Furthermore, since they just show a solitary strategy, they can’t educate you to recognize which technique will be best for an individual customer dependent on their age, skin type, way of life, needs, desires, and different elements. It’s imperative to have a full tool kit of elective choices to address your customers’ issues. Learning the microblading system without being appropriately prepared in the basics of micro-pigmentation resembles figuring out how to do the medical procedures before going to clinical school. Other than being conceivably dangerous, the outcomes are frequently below average, can scar the skin and require remedial work or even expulsion from a propelled craftsman.

Training Programs at Prettyology Micropigmentation Academy

  • Beginner Fundamental Courses
  • The Fundamental Art & Science of Micropigmentation
  • Crossover Fundamental; Transitioning from Microblading to Device

Price Range: Starting at $4500 USD

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