Newmark Beauty Overview

Presently Offering Courses Using The Worlds Healthiest Eyelash Extension System!! NewMark Beauty is a brand collaborate with LashX, based out of Beverly Hills, California. It is the main lash framework to improve lash wellbeing. Getting confirmed through NewMark Beauty ensures you’ll get broad instruction on lashes and are prepared utilizing the most excellent glues and items. For more than multi year, NewMark Beauty has worked with LashX, who was the absolute first “Lash Bar” in Los Angeles. Robyn Newmark is presently the National Trainer for the LashX Method. We are the specialists on everything lashes!!

Training Programs at Newmark Beauty

  • Eyelash Extension Pro Course
  • Eyelash Extension Master Course
  • Eyelash Extension Advanced Only
  • Eyelash Extension The Refresh Course

Price Range: No Price

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