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Similar to associations, there are many groups available for medical estheticians to provide industry-relevant support to this field. These groups allow professionals to share experiences and insights with like-minded colleagues in what often becomes an all-inclusive community. These groups often meet either online or in real life, and sometimes both, depending on your location and the type of group. There are endless groups available to join for free on social media such as Facebook and Instagram that you can search and join, sharing resources and friendships. Websites such as Meetup also allow you to search for meetups in your local area, allowing medical estheticians and other beauty therapists to come together in one place.

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Advanced Practitioners in Medical Aesthetics

Med Spa, Health & Wellness, and Medical Aesthetics Owners Group

Glassderm Medical Aesthetics Clinic

2018 Therapist & Esthetician of the Year Honorees

Medical Aesthetics Mindset Warriors

The Aesthetics Practitioners Community

International Regenerative, Aesthetic & Functional Medicine Group

Corrective and Aesthetic Dermatology, Anti-Aging Medicine

Med-fx Aesthetic Community

Estheticians Connect

Medical Spa Aesthetician/Nurse/MD Connect

Esthetician Think Tank

The Solo Esthetician

Estheticians’ Mall

Find An Esthetician In Your City

Esthetician Growth Hacks. Sales, marketing, and education disruption.

Esthetician Buy Nothing

Buy/Sell Esthetics

Aesthetician Talk

Advanced Courses for Estheticians + Cosmetologists

Pro Esthetics Forum

Esthetician Marketing Club

The Educated Esthetician Forum

The Esthetician Circle

Esthetician Mentoring for Advancement

The Esthetician Forum

Holistic Estheticians Group

Solo Estheticians Connect

Esthetician’s Round Table

Estheticians Thrive!

Esthetician jobs forum

The Esthetician’s Lounge

Botnia Estheticians

Therapeutic Skin Coach Estheticians

Esthetics Worldwide

SkinFX Esthetician Chat Group

Esthetician Consulting

Holistic Aesthetics/Skin Therapy


Botanical Science PL Estheticians

The Independent Esthetician’s Growth Club

Marian Wright-Med Spa Aesthetician At ReJuv

Swiss Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology & Aesthetic Medicine ( SACDAM)

Licensed Esthetician Support Group

Esthetician Brand Education Connections

The Balanced Aesthetician

Online Esthetician Tradeshow

Experienced Estheticians

Estheticians Lounge

Cosmetologist & Estheticians Unite

Medical Aesthetics

Blue Bottle Estheticians & Massage Therapists

California Estheticians • Esthetician Advocacy Group

MedSpa Promo Place

Keeping up with Estheticians

Massage, Esthetics, Cosmetology Buy/Sell Group

Cosmetic Laser Clinic and Med Spa Owners Group

Esthetician Power-Group

Esthetician Connection of the South 🙂

Aesthetic Medicine Products /Devices

licensed esthetics, cosmetologist, massage therapist boise

Aesthetic Collaboration

Texas Aesthetic Medicine

Beauty & Aesthetic Therapist Support UK

Maryland Aesthetic Professionals


Medical Esthetic Group

Lisa Fischer Esthetician at Kalla lily Medina

Lisa Fischer Esthetician at Kalla lily Medina

Lisa Fischer Esthetician at Kalla lily Medina

Lisa Fischer Esthetician at Kalla lily Medina