MCAT Tutor Certification Programs and Training

Exhaustive and complete knowledge of math, chemistry, biology, physics, psych, critical analysis and reasoning skills are essential to succes as a MCAT tutor. A history of near flawless scores on standardized testing and ideally a 508+ score on the MCAT exam is also desirable. Focus and the ability to effectively manage and prioritize a student needs and your job responsibilities is paramount.

The National Tutoring Association, Association for Tutoring Professionals, the American Tutoring Association and the College and Learning Association endorse formal certifications that enhance a tutor’s credibility and salary.

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Kaplan MCAT Prep

Teach MCAT for Kaplan Teaching for Kaplan is a great opportunity for current college students who have taken the MCAT. You'll ...
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Shemmassian Academic Consulting

Shemmassian Academic Consulting Overview Offering training programs to prep students for their best scoress on the MCAT. A top score on ...
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Teach for The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review Overview Flexible commitments Most of the classes and tutorials take place on nights and weekends. This means ...
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