What It Takes to Be a MCAT Tutor

The essential functions of an MCAT Tutor include: Providing instruction “one-on-one” or in a group setting by teaching live or online to students in preparation to write the demanding MCAT exams. They follow the appropriate curriculum and training material closely and are very familiar with the MCAT exam style and content. As an MCAT Tutor you must show strong aptitude and ability to improve your students’ test results and demonstrate their continued progress through the study material. If you work for a company you will be expected to regularly prove your competence and show solid results. You are expected to use your influence as an educator to proactively identify and counsel your students who are struggling and your best judgement and experience to coach students and their families to help them set realistic, achievable goals. As an effective MCAT Tutor you will learn to communicate seamlessly and create an open line of dialogue with students and their families. This is important in regards to seizing upcoming opportunities and illustrating the students’ progress to clients, parents, school administrators and of course the company you may be employed by. A high quality tutor uses their past experiences and “on the job” training to address and resolve requests from students, including their academic challenges and any other problems they may encounter in preparation to write the MCAT. Good classroom structure and time management is a must, as is creating a positive learning environment, resolving behavioural issues and avoiding anything that could be a potential distraction to success. An employed MCAT Tutor may also be expected to participate in professional reviews, development and meetings within their school. Independent tutors may seek out peer review to keep their skills top-notch. Well executed administrative duties are required in both realms of teaching. Some of the core competencies for an MCAT Tutor include the following: Extraordinary focus and first rate presentation skills, thoughtful and creative problem solving and great motivational skills. Quick and competent decision making, complete mastery and in-depth knowledge of the test material and understanding of past tests, content and structure. You must be an absolute expert if you hope to be an MCAT Tutor of good reputation.

How much does a MCAT Tutor make?

MCAT Tutor Salaries Across The US make about $25/hr, according to Glassdoor.

A MCAT Tutor is an important position and in high demand. To consider this career, you must have received a test score of at least 127 on each section of the exam or at least 508 on the completed MCAT. Medical school is expensive, Doctors make a lot of money, likewise people are willing to pay a good MCAT Tutor a more than competitive wage. According to the BLS, MCAT Tutors can make upwards of $50,000 per year and $30 an hour if they are of high caliber.

Resources to help in starting or expanding your MCAT Tutor career: