Master Tattoo Institute Overview

Tattoo apprenticeships at Body Art and Soul Tattoos  go beyond the customary apprenticeship. They promise to “ink extraordinary” by furnishing apprentices with the knowlewdge and skills to perform excptional tattoo artistry. 

Training Programs at Master Tattoo Institute

  • Introduction to the Tattoo Profession
  • Blood-borne Pathogens and Tattooing
  • History of Sterilization and Aseptic Technique
  • Microorganisms and Infectious Disease
  • Communicable Diseases and Tattooing
  • Shop Safety Practices and Procedures
  • Equipment Cleaning and Sterilization
  • Preventing Transmission of BBP and Communicable Diseases
  • Tattoo Safety Test/BBP Certification
  • Introduction to the Coil Tattoo Machine
  • How to Set-Up a Coil Tattoo Machine
  • Tuning and Maintaining the Coil Tattoo Machine
  • Introduction to Coil Needles
  • Introduction to Power Supply
  • Introduction to the Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • How to Set-Up the Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • Introduction to Rotary Tattoo Needles
  • The Different Needle Cartridge Configurations
  • How to Manipulate Needle Cartridges
  • How to Set Needle Cartridges into the Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • How to Set the Needle Depth for the Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • Introduction to Advanced Power Supply
  • Grip Techniques for the Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • Exchanging Needle Cartridges During Tattoo Procedure
  • Rotary Tattoo Machine Maintenance
  • Proper Use of Barriers for the Rotary Tattoo Machine
  • Tattoo Machine Practice
  • Tattoo Inks
  • Color Theory
  • Color Mixing
  • Tattoo Design
  • Tattoo Flash and Stencils
  • Using Photoshop
  • Tattoo Station Set-up
  • Tattoo Station Supplies
  • Client Appreciation
  • Tattoo Ethics and Applying Stencils
  • Client Care and Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • Introduction to the Business of Tattooing
  • Introduction to Pricing Tattoos
  • The Basics to Tattoo Shop Operations
  • The Basics to Shop Management
  • Price Range: Starting at $7,000 

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Miami Beach, FL