Marion Kay Institute of Permanent Makeup Overview

Utilizing the mutual 40 years of experience among Marion and Rima, Rima will give a strong establishment of the masterfulness and system of perpetual beautifiers with a larger part of time spent on hands-on training. There will be an exhaustive examination of a “perfect” eyebrow, eyeliner and lips and incalculable activities and assignments to sharpen your aptitudes. From that point, we will give the remainder of an opportunity to inking and making an interpretation of your craft to skin through sterile practice skins and afterward customers. Best in class supplies and items are remembered for your educational cost. You will get hand-chose professional quality things that Marion and Rima use for every one of our techniques!

Training Programs at Marion Kay Institute of Permanent Makeup

  • Seeing permanent makeup with the eyes of a makeup artist! How to create the perfect brows, eyeliner and lips for each individual through step-by-step artistry training and assignments
  • The keys to long lasting color
  • How to be a versatile artist by creating designs and being knowledgeable in a variety of techniques ranging from dramatic to natural
  • Solid, powdered and hair stroke (microblading and single needle) eyebrows
  • Winged eyeliner, kitten flick and eyelash enhancement
  • Blended lip liner, lipblend and full lips
  • Male brow and eyeliner
  • How to custom blend colors that complement each and every client
  • Color Theory
  • Needle Theory
  • Client Management Skills
  • Numbing techniques (topical)
  • Proper aftercare for the various techniques
  • The best, hand-selected equipment and supplies available
  • The most effective and affordable marketing techniques

Price Range: Starting at $13,500 USD

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Oklahoma City, OK