LX DAY SPA Overview

Threading classes teach the history and terchnique of eyebrow threading. In this one-day, 8-hour Facial and Brow Threading Class you will learn the art of threading the brow, lip, cheek, neck and forehead areas. Also you will learn forming and filling methods to give your customers their best brows.

This class also offers an overview of opening a threading boutique and guidance on the best way to operate in your state. Your instructor will also go over tips on starting and running a successful threading boutique business and how to successfully implement threading into an existing beauty business.

Training Programs at LX DAY SPA

Theory of Threading: 15 min
-Proper holding threading techniques
-Proper winding threading techniques
-How to hold the thread against the skin
• Hair Removal: 1hr
-How to remove hair inside the loop
-Removing hair from the root
-Practicing removing hair from the inside of your leg
• Self Threading: 1 hr
-Proper holding techniques
-Proper winding techniques
-Practice removing hair from lip, chin and cheek areas

Practice Models: 1hr

-Threading forehead
-Threading upper lip
-Threading chin area
-Threading and shaping+filling eyebrows

• Business Theory: 15
– Research the rules and regulations of the Cosmetology Board in your state.
– Go over the proper steps to register your Threading Boutique Business
– Proper steps for obtaining a Threading Boutique License

• Q&A – 15 min
– Will answer questions from the class about facial and eyebrow threading techniques or business licensure.

Price Range: Starting at $150 

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