LashGoddess The Spa Overview

Receive hands-on training in eyelash extensions from instructors with more than 30 years of experience in spa services. This state-endorsed, 8-hour lash extension course in Nebraska promises everything you need to learn avbout offering this in-demand beauty service at your spa or salon.

Training Programs at LashGoddess The Spa

• Learn the anatomy and growth cycle of eyelashes
• Identify any contraindications for lash extensions
• Identify the diseases and disorders of the eyes and lashes
• Proper sanitary procedures for working around the eyes Proper work station set-up
• Proper cleaning and preparation of the lashes for extensions
• Proper handling of forceps used to isolate and apply lashes
• Proper application of the medical tape under and over the eye to separate bottom lashes from adhering to the top lashes
• Proper technique used to pick up the lash extension and apply it to a single human lash by working on live models and mannequins
• Different lengths and diameters of lash extensions that can be applied to the human lash
• Removal procedures to ensure the health and safety of the human lash.

Price Range: Starting at $950 

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