One of the best ways to enhance your career is by networking. By joining industry associations, you can meet fellow experts in your field and share notes on techniques, trends, and even share stories from experiences that will create friendships that can last a lifetime. Join a group to meet colleagues for coffee, and share advice to build new skills and refresh your lifestyle.

Facebook Groups for Lash Techs

  Lash Techs Unite

  Eyelash Extension Technicians (Everything Lash Academy)

  Locks Lash Technicians

  Professional Lash Place

  Beginners Eyelash Extension Group

  Find a Lash Artist Near You

  Eyelash Extensions Specialists

  Laura’s Lashes

  Eyelash Extension Forum For Home Based Salons

  Lash Queens

  Lash Artist Lounge

  Lash lift & Tinting Support Group

  Tori Belle Lashes – Tips and Tricks.

  Lets talk lashes <3

  Lash Tribe

  Lash Artist Tips and Tricks

  Canadian Lashes

  Eyelash Extension Artist Forum

  Eyelash Extension Artists Group

  Lash Memes


  Lash Beauties

  Lash Addicts Support Group UK Professionals

  Eyelash Extension Technicians Australia

  The Eyelash Extension Group

  Lashed love

  Lash Artists Canada

  The Lash Tea

  The Lash Boss Tribe

  Lash Extensions 101

  Lash World Free Advertisement

  Dallas Eyelash Extensions Specialists

  Keratin Lash Infusion USA

  PhiLashes World Community

  Lash Lounge

  Lash Lift Artists

  EyeLash Extensions Advertisement for Everyone

  Beautiful Brows and Lashes Network

  The Lash Graveyard

  Eyelash Extension Artists

  Lash Lifting Society

  lash art

  Lash Lift Tips and Tricks By YUMILashes

  BadLash, Love Your Nails, Hair & Lashes!

  Lash Tribe VIP Mega Volume


  Lash World

  Eyelash Extensions Community Danmark

  LashPro Forum

  Master Lash Empress 🏆 Lash Championships

  Lash Extensions Detroit

  Lush Lashes

  Lash Global® Listing for Competition and Conference

  Magnetized Lashes

  Love Your Lashes

  LashFull Eyebrow Microblading & Eyelash Extensions

  Magnetic Eyelash Fans

  Professional Eyelash Extensions

  Fabulash Fuentes VIP

  Lashes And Blush

  United Lash&Brow Lovers

  The Lash Room


  Lash Extensions South Africa

  Team Lash Fanatics

  DFW Lash&Brow Beauties

  Eyelash Extension Forum Australia

  The Technician Network

  Hollywood Lash Conference

  Lovely Lashes 🤩💖

  Lips & Lashes 💋

  Lashes N’ Lipstick

  Beautiful and Sassy

  Bad Ash Lashes

  Lashes & Ink By Roxxi

  Savannah& Surrounding Areas Hair👉Nails 👉Lash 🙌+More👈

  Llama Lashes Team Training Page

  Eyelash Extension Canada

  Lash Artistry Support

  Beauty Sales by Lash Love

  Goldsboro, NC Hair Stylists,Barbers, Make Up/Lashes & NailTechnicians

  Love Your Lips and Lashes

  Ladies that Lash 💋💄⭐️⚡️

  The Lash Defenders! ⚫️BLACK STATUS POP⚫️

  Personally Pettigrew

  Living the LASH LIFE

  AHFrancis | The Lash Lounge