Kansas Licensing Overview for Manicurists and Nail Technicians

Licensing for manicurists and nail technicians in Kansas is controlled by the Kansas Board of Cosmetology.

General Guidelines for Manicurists and Nail Technicians in Kansas

Specific requirements to perform manicurists and nail technicians services can generally be used as a guideline, but make sure to check with your local governing rules and regulations.

Who’s allowed to perform these services?

Nail technician

Requirements and license preparation for manicurists and nail technicians

Your first step toward a license in Kansas is completing 350 hours of training in a nail technician school. These programs are fun and quick, and from them, you will learn the ins and outs of the beauty industry. You will become familiar with everything from nail theory to nail practice to nail business methods, ensuring your success as a manicurist and pedicurist in the state.

The Board recognizes approved manicurist license courses, which includes, but is not limited to:

General Concepts
Product Composition
Chemical Safety/OSHA Regulations
Nail Structure
Nail Growth and Regeneration
Nail Irregularities and Diseases
Skin Structure and Functions
Manicuring Skills
Manicuring procedures
Repairing Techniques
Hand and Arm Massages
Application of Polish
Purpose and Effect of Artificial Nails
Business Practices
Managements Practices
Salon Development
Client Records
Kansas Laws, Rules, and Regulations
Keep in mind that many beauty schools offer continuing education that you may take advantage of, so that you stay on the cutting edge of nail beauty, trends, and techniques.

What’s the state licensing site for manicurists and nail technicians?

Kansas Board of Cosmetology

What are some training programs available for manicurists and nail technicians?

See training programs

How long is a license good for and when do I need to renew?

Renews evewry two years

What are fees associated with licensing?

There is a $195 fee for the initial application for a license and a $45 fee for renewal.