Illinois Licensing Overview for a Plumber

Licensing for a plumber in Illinois is controlled by the Illinois Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Protection.

General Guidelines for a Plumber in Illinois

Specific requirements to perform plumber services can generally be used as a guideline, but make sure to check with your local governing rules and regulations.

Who’s allowed to perform these services?


General requirements for a plumber license?

• Apprentice Plumbers – You must show proof of sponsorship by an Illinois licensed plumber or by an approved apprenticeship program. You must apply for, and pass, the plumbers licensing exam within a maximum apprenticeship period of six years.

• Plumbing Contractors – You must show proof of a holding a plumber apprentice license for at least four years. You must have completed at least two years of high school, as well as completing an approved course. You must pass an exam.

What’s the state licensing site for a plumber?

Illinois Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Protection

What are some training programs available for a plumber?

See training programs

How long is a license good for and when do I need to renew?

License expires annually

What are fees associated with licensing?