Five Star Eyebrow Threading & Henna Studio Overview

Five Star Eyebrow Threading and Henna Studio offers Eyebrow Threading and Henna Training courses for aspiring brow specialists. Their courses encourage students to start an energizing, rewarding career in eyebrow design.

Training Programs at Five Star Eyebrow Threading & Henna Studio

• Step by step instruction on proper threading technique and methods, starting with the essentials and continuing all the way up to expert level techniques
• Precautions you need to take to make sure your threading meets health & safety standards and is comfortable for your clients
• How to customize your threading techniques for different skin types and eyebrow shapes
• Professional tips and advice for cultivating a base of returning clients, maintaining a successful business, and how to become a full or part-time threading        specialist.

Price Range: Call or check website linked below for current pricing

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Fresno, CA