Express Cuts Barber School Overview

The mission at Express Cuts Barber School is to ensure that students receive diverse training that will equip them with the skills needed to acquire their license as a Master Hair Care Specialist. They strive to empower students to exceed standards of performance towards their goal of securing employment as a professional barber.

Training Programs at Express Cuts Barber School

  • Hygiene and Good Grooming – 45 Hours
  • Professional Ethics – 30 Hours
  • Bacteriology, Sterilization and Sanitation – 35 Hours
  • Implements – 8 Hours
  • Shaving 10 – Hours
  • Men’s Haircutting – 450 Hours
  • Cutting and Styling Curly and Over/ Hair Structure
  • Special Problems and methods – 150 Hours
  • Mustaches and Beards – 15 Hours
  • Shampooing and Rinsing Methods – 50 Hours
  • Price Range: Call for current tuition prices.

Resources for Express Cuts Barber School


Greenville, SC