EI School Of Professional Makeup Overview

At EI, they base instructive content and training on the requirements of the fashion, film and television industries. They continuously update the curriculum with input from their Program Advisory Committee (PAC) of working industry experts. This keeps programs pertinent and cutting-edge and it keeps you on the front line of whatever industry you decide to work in. Learn with a hands-on approach, using a wide range of beauty care products. This one-year program gets students ready to work as makeup artists in all parts of the business – beauty, fashion, film, television and theatrical. Six courses in this program offer students the essentials, through the propelled procedures of every makeup discipline. 

Training Programs at EI School Of Professional Makeup

  • Artistry Of Makeup 101 – Beauty & Corrective
  • Artistry Of Makeup 102 – Theatrical / Live Performance
  • Artistry Of Makeup 103 – High Fashion, Editorial & Photograph
  • Artistry Of Makeup 104 – HDTV & Film
  • Artistry Of Makeup 105 – Basic Prosthetic Constructions
  • Artistry Of Makeup 106 – HDTV & Film II
  • Price Range: Starting at $22,350 

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Hollywood, CA