Delaware Skills Center Overview

At the end of this course, students will be ready to work as a qualified assistant or understudy electrician. Many students who compelte this course go into electrical apprenticeship programs and later become Journeyman electricians. 

Training Programs at Delaware Skills Center

Phase #1:

  • Electrical, general safety, and the use of hand and power tools
  • The physics and nature of electricity and the application of Ohms Law
  • Basic mathematics, series circuits, and parallel circuits
  • Voltage, current, and resistance in a direct current circuit
  • Symbols and terminology, schematic, and wiring diagrams 

Phase #2:

  • Mechanical components and fittings used in the electrical trades
  • Using tools to construct various hands-on shop projects
  • Measuring, cutting, bending, reaming, and threading different types of conduit
  • Installing boxes and connecting them with conduit
  • Assemble various switches, lighting, and receptacle configurations 

Phase #3:

  • Students practice installation of series and parallel circuits
  • Students practice installation of non-metallic sheathed cable, BX cable, electrical non-metallic tubing, old work and new workboxes
  • Each student will install a complete electrical service on a simulated work site – students will practice installing lighting circuits, and conduit
  • In preparation for employment, students are coached in resume writing, cover letters, and interviewing skills

Price Range: Starting at $140

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