Join Communities for Cosmetologists

Similar to associations, there are countless community groups available for cosmetologists to provide industry-relevant support to this field. These groups allow professionals to share experiences and insights with like-minded colleagues in what often becomes an all-inclusive community. These groups often meet either online or in real life, and sometimes both, depending on your location and the type of group. There are endless groups available to join for free on social media such as Facebook and Instagram that you can search and join, sharing resources and friendships. Websites such as Meetup allow you to search for industry-specific meetups in your local area, allowing cosmetologists to come together in one place. The worlds of Instagram and Pinterest have also become meeting places for artists across the globe, as people share their insights and secrets into cosmetology and creating online connections.

Check out Cosmetology Facebook Groups:

Cosmetology Education Forum


Licensed Cosmetologists

Massage, Esthetics, Cosmetology Buy/Sell Group

Cosmetology Instructors Network

Oklahoma Cosmetologist Forum

Florida Cosmetology/Barbering Connect

Texas Cosmetology Educators

Cosmetology and Barbering


Association of medical cosmetologists

Cosmetology Instructors

DFW Cosmetology ( Hair Skin Nails)

Texas Cosmetology & Barber

Cosmetology Instructors

Wisconsin Cosmetology & Barbering Association

Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia Members Only Group

Nebraska Cosmetologists

Cosmetology Guild of Iowa

Alabama Cosmetology Instructors

Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Group

FTCC Cosmetology Services Educational Center

Citrus College Cosmetology Group

Keep Cosmetologists Licensed!

South Dakota Cosmetology Club

Mainely Cosmetology

Licensed Cosmetologist/Barber in Tennessee Network

Oregon Cosmetology and Barbering

Wisconsin Cosmetology & Barbering Opportunities

Cosmetologist of Arkansas

Cosmetology School Support Group

Alaska Cosmetology Forum

Cosmetology with Ms Katie

Vermont Licensed Cosmetologists


Cosmetology items free, for sale, or trade in CSRA

NC Community College Cosmetology Instructors Association

MCSA Mississippi Cosmetology School Association

ACT Cosmetology Academy

NYS Cosmetology Consortium

Ohio State School of Cosmetology Friends


Barber/Cosmetology Instructors United

Delaware Cosmetology

Minnesota Cosmetology Careers

Arizona Cosmetologists

SF cosmetology exchange

2020 Cosmetology

Enid Cosmetology Group

Cosmetology School Owners

Bella Institute of Cosmetology/Theory

utah barbers and cosmetology

SPC Cosmetology-Levelland

Vista College Cosmetology Ms. Cindy class

UBCTS Cosmetology Professional Forum

Cosmetology Class

Cosmetology Group MBI

CI Professional Cosmetologist Exchange✂


Idaho Cosmetology Buy/sell/trade

Transformed Barber & Cosmetology Academy Group-Barber


INDERCOS ACADEMY (Dermatology & Cosmetology)

Arkansas Cosmetology Network (Cosmetologists Only)

SPC Cosmetology – Plainview

Florida Academy Cosmetology, Nail,Esthetics & Massage Students

Lenape Tech Cosmetology Student Page

Pivot Point Cosmetology/esthetics/nail Instructors

EC Academy Cosmetology


Cosmetology Mead

KY State Board Cosmetology Kit Rental

Ace Cosmetology and Barbering WATERBURY

WTCC Cosmetology and Esthetics

Riverland Cosmetology Class 2019-2020


Dalton Institute Master Cosmetology

Pakistan Orthopaedic and Cosmetology Centre FRIENDS

LCM Cosmetology I & II

Omega Institute of Cosmetology Students

Transformed Barber & Cosmetology Academy Group-Manicure

TSPA Cosmetology

Cherokee High School Cosmetology III & lV

ACC Cosmetology Program

OCCTA (Ohio Cosmetology Career Teacher Association)

Milady Instructors

New Mexico’s Barbers, Cosmetologists & Estheticians

Rules and Regulations of the State Boards of Esthetics

SC Updates on the Beauty Industry

TN Beautician and Barbers United

Makeup Junkies UK

Broadcast Nagpur

Delhi & NCR Salon Jobs & Vacancies

All India Salon Staff – Hairstylist Beautician MakeUp Artist