Raising the Bar as a Hairdresser Through Associations

Hairdressers have been a part of society for hundreds of years, working across several industries. In today’s society, there are more opportunities than ever for hairdressers to grow their skills and learn new methods and techniques by engaging with and communicating virtually with some of the best artists and beauty professionals from all over the world. Industry-specific associations are available to provide valuable insight into breaking into the competitive world of hairdressing. By joining these industry-specific associations, hairdressers both new and old, are offered the opportunity to feel supported and overcome any industry complications whilst receiving professional support, advice, and resources specific to the needs of hairdressing and the hygienic practices associated with this. Associations offer the opportunity for specialists to engage in professional education and training, developing industry-leading licensing, and creating a unified voice and community for hairdressers and those within all levels of the beauty industry to come together and help one another out.

See associations for hairdressers:

Associated Hair Professionals

An Overview of Associated Hair Professionals Joining AHP provides a continually growing selection of business-building tools, resources, and support. Networking ...
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International SalonSpa Business Network

An Overview of International SalonSpa Business Network SBN has a unique membership group, with the top business minds in the ...
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National Cosmetology Association

An Overview of National Cosmetology Association The National Cosmetology Association (NCA) is a professional organization of more than 30,000 licensed ...
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Professional Beauty Association

An Overview of Professional Beauty Association The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) exists to elevate, unite and serve the beauty industry ...
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