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Threading is a 5,000 years-old hair extraction technique originally practiced in Asian nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Persia. Threading depends on winding a cotton string to make a circle. By the movement of the circle the hairs are removed.

When done effectively hairs are pulled out from the roots. A threader utilizes a pure cotton string which pulls the hairs out at the follicle. Unlike tweezing, where a solitary hair is pulled out, threading can remove a whole line of hairs.

Training Programs at Beauty Shlip

• History of Threading
• Advantages & Disadvantages
• Skin and hair anatomy and growth cycle
• Health and Safety
• Procedure/ Technique type
• Practice time
• After care advice
• 100% Hands-on step-by-step instructions
• All material needed for training
• Certification

Price Range: Starting at $200 

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